Changchun, located northeast of Beijing is the capital of Jilin Province. In the eyes of a Chinese it is a Chinese version of a combination of Detroit and Hollywood. It has China's largest motor vehicle plant and its biggest film studio.


Lying in Songliao Plain hinterlandChangchun's terrain is plain and open. Its urban area is 250~350 meters above sea level. It belongs to the continental monsoon climate with a clear difference in the four seasons. Spring is dry and windy; summer is damp and hot with much rainfall; autumn is clean and clear and winter is cold and long. However, Changchun's climate is generally temperate and pleasant and it has enjoyed the reputation of " Spring City of North of the Great Wall".


As the provincial capital and political ,economic,cultural center of Jilin Province,Changchun has jurisdiction over 6 districts-Chaoyang,Nanguan,Erdao,Kuancheng,Luyuan and Shuangyang district,and 3 county-level cities of Jiutai, Yushu and Dehui,as well as Nongan county.


The whole area of Changchun covers 20571 sq. km(about 8012 square miles), among which 3663 sq. km. is urban. The registered population of the whole city is 7 240 000,among which 4 062 000 are agricultural ones,and the nonagricultural population is 3 180 000.

长春市总面积20 571平方公里,其中市区面积3 663平方公里。全市户籍总人口724万人,其中农业人口为406. 2万人,非农业人口为318万人。